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*EGX 2019 - Leftfield Collection Entry*

"Quiet, slow, and occasionally dangerous" - Rock, Paper Shotgun

"Atmospheric pixel art, and pitch-perfect sound effects in this bleak yet serene game" - PC Gamer

"This game is like Omegle but better" - A Message


Explore the downpour by sailing through a flooded world and building your little boat as you go.

Write a message in a bottle to other players about anything. Tell a story, share a secret, try to help a player or even harm them.

Read other player's messages and choose whether to throw it back into the ocean or destroy it forever.

End the world.

̡̱̗͑͐ͩ͞W̟̫͇̩̟͉͂ͅh͎͙̝͚̬̎̒͑ͪͧ̂̔a̞̓́͌̉̂ͬ͠t̶̯̼̍͆̔̎̈́ͯͤ̀̚ ͍ͬ̉̀̆i̽̓ͫ́͗͐҉͖̼͇̥̤͓s͇̪̗͓͌̽͘ ̸͚͚̫͍̗̞͈͋͋t̠̦͚̜͖̍ͨͨͥ̇̎ͪ̂̚h̹͔̲̖̞̪̰ͪ̏̓͞ḛ̸̴̢̫̰̙̗̒̋ ̯̺̥̬͖͎̘͍̂̎ͣ͛̈ͤp̖͙̎̀͐͂̔̓̋ͯ͜ą̻̙̱̻̬͓̳ͧͯͤͩ͒͐͜s̙ͬ͒̓ͥͅs̷͕̥ͭͨ́͘w͖̹̋̊ͨo͇̳͍͚̱͛ͥ̇ͩ̃͑ͪͮr̵̳͖̘̭̗ͬͨͣ̈̎̔ͭ̚̕͞d͙̻̯̓̊̊͑͛́͟?̷̢͖̆ͥͨͭ̈́͑ͨ̕


A and to move left and right

Space to jump

E to pick-up / drop

Tab to write


Developed by Dean Moynihan

Music by Leafcuts


This game is completely free - however running the databases does cost money.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

On that note, also check out my Patreon. You can still chuck a quid in and the money will only come out when I finish a game - not monthly.


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The Things We Lost In The Flood - Linux - v1.1.1.zip 35 MB
The Things We Lost In The Flood v1.1.1 - Mac.zip 34 MB
The Things We Lost In The Flood v1.1.1.zip 30 MB

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The game gets really hard once you get the motor and sails, because if you jump off to grab a box or whatever, the boat just speeds off. Can someone tell me how to stop the motor and how to end the game?


im confused, so do other actual players playing the game see my bottles, and i see their bottles?


its interesting how you can't go backwards in the game. like it's all about letting go of these feelings, by writing the notes for those bottles, and then moving forward. seeing everything that everyone else has written feels less lonely. i hold this game very dearly to me.


I love this graphic style!!


I'm pretty glad that I played this game before it went "dead." It seems like I'm receiving less bottles now. Unlike 2 years ago (I think) when I received more bottles. It was such a cool concept of a game - and I loved the messages. Definitely has a place in my heart.


I'm Mat, curator of the PLAY21 - Creative Gaming Festival and I'd love to exhibit your work. Can you get back to me via matthias.loewe@creative-gaming.eu or twitter /sp4c31nv4d3r?



This has to be an ARG! why isn't anyone talking about it! and if they are I can't find it

How's this been goin'?

love the visual style of this game, good job!


It's a sad day when a brother has to hang his magnum dong alone and in silence...

Great looking game, only problem is that I can't play it, since it's not 64-bit and I'm running it on Mac OSX Catalina, which has no support for 32-bit apps. Any chance of that being fixed anytime soon?

Please add a save button or somethin

Deleted my other comment since I don't think i specified enough. I downloaded the newest version of this game but it still gives me the "Connection issues or outdated" message. I used to love this game and i'd love to be able to play it again, but everything ive tried to fix it hasn't worked

Update: no clue what i did but i tried to run it today and it opened just fine. excited to play again


Interesting concept, held back by superficial restrictions. It would be better not to suggest a topic to write about, and just let the player write about whatever without making him feel guilty by not doing what the dev wants from them. The water also kills to fast, and there shouldn't be a restrictions on when and where you can write something.


I'm pretty sure you can write wherever and whenever you want, if you mind the cooldown. And the suggested topic is just there if you don't know what to write about, I don't know what exactly you mean with 'making the player feel guilty by not doing what the dev wants from them'? You can just ignore it if you have something better in mind.


well this hit way too fucking hard for me

#75. I really enjoyed this, as lonely as it was. I'm glad I got to play it before midnight.

(1 edit) (+3)

This game is kinda sad, but it's beautiful, you're never truly alone.

Edit: I finished the game and was kinda surprised, I was kinda underwhelmed, but still pretty shocked.


Didnt understand and the game is very weird


I wrote a bunch of stuff while i played under the name of "Cactus" if you dev(s?) are interested in reading that since it was basically just me giving thoughts on my adventure

how can i see all the messages in one archive?

the game is amazing with beautiful graphics. however it would be nice to be able to write back on a note to respond.

it's such a touching game

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Sadly not working on Mac OS Catalina:

happens to me too when playing on a Macbook Air. Sad because it used to be able to work but in these past few months it's stopped working.


actually it does work on catalina, in fact im playing it as we speak. How I got mine to work is:

1. Open terminal

2. Right click the app "The things we lost in the flood" and click on "Show package contents"

3. You'll see a folder called Contents. Double click on "Contents" and then "MacOS".

4. into terminal type "chmod +x " and drag and drop the file in the MacOS folder into terminal.

5. Press enter in Terminal and you should be good.

If you have any questions please let me know, I'd be glad to help.


This is something I've always loved as a concept. The idea that you feel alone, but yet there so many people around you. And how you get to slowly uncover a story from many perspectives. Love it.


Subscribing for when someone hits 100. This is a game of transcendence and broken goshdarn radios that don't do nuth'n and doublesails that ruin your life forever.


The game keeps freezing on me with no way to unfreeze. I've had to restart the game 5 times within an hour, making it almost impossible to make any progress.

same as me


Weird! The game just stops dead?

What OS are you running?

(1 edit)

I'm using a UK QWERTY keyboard, and when I write a message on Linux I get foreign characters when I press non-alphanumeric keys. (SHIFT gives an upside down !). But this doesn't happen on Windows. Is anybody else experiencing this?

yes, i also have this problem

I got the the red door but was unable to enter it, is there a certain set of steps i have to do in order to enter or is it closed off on purpose?


Thankyou for the surreal journey!


fantastic little game, but as some people have mentioned... well, months ago now, I don't get any more bottles after the first few screens

I guess it is because no people online


is it just me who notices that the guy is... ehem... anatomically correct?


O_O.... that's.. thats  a ... sandwich he's keeping for later.

Great aesthetic. Bottle mechanic is also a ton of fun. I wrote some really stupid stuff lol. Unfortunately, the game crashed 26 minutes in for me. I really liked what I played, though!

It was a wonderfull, atmospheric experience.

Hey A question, what do I do at the place with the crosses? I tried going to the other side but it just doesnt let me?

I'm pretty sure it's a metaphore for saying that the journey/game has ended. Crosses can signify graves, and graves signify death. Therefore at the end, there is death. That's my best take on it.

its a nice thought, but this isn't the case.

Just drag your boat across the screen and the game will continue.

wow, it tried to be philosofical and stuff but just ended up being wrong lmao


If you interact with the pile of dung, you get clothes.

ha! I stumbled upon the cross, walked over it to the right, vanished and drowned obviously. :-D

"Beat" the game, ended the world (un[OMIT]ed it). A shame the monoliths have no purpose nor are visible on the ground.

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