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*EGX 2019 - Leftfield Collection Entry*

"Quiet, slow, and occasionally dangerous" - Rock, Paper Shotgun

"Atmospheric pixel art, and pitch-perfect sound effects in this bleak yet serene game" - PC Gamer

"It makes for a beautiful, relaxing and fascinating experience - Highly recommended"Free Game Planet

"This game is like Omegle but better" - Anon


Explore the downpour by sailing through a flooded world and building your little boat as you go.

Write a message in a bottle to other players about anything. Tell a story, share a secret, try to help a player or even harm them.

Read other player's messages and choose whether to throw it back into the ocean or destroy it forever.

End the world.

̡̱̗͑͐ͩ͞W̟̫͇̩̟͉͂ͅh͎͙̝͚̬̎̒͑ͪͧ̂̔a̞̓́͌̉̂ͬ͠t̶̯̼̍͆̔̎̈́ͯͤ̀̚ ͍ͬ̉̀̆i̽̓ͫ́͗͐҉͖̼͇̥̤͓s͇̪̗͓͌̽͘ ̸͚͚̫͍̗̞͈͋͋t̠̦͚̜͖̍ͨͨͥ̇̎ͪ̂̚h̹͔̲̖̞̪̰ͪ̏̓͞ḛ̸̴̢̫̰̙̗̒̋ ̯̺̥̬͖͎̘͍̂̎ͣ͛̈ͤp̖͙̎̀͐͂̔̓̋ͯ͜ą̻̙̱̻̬͓̳ͧͯͤͩ͒͐͜s̙ͬ͒̓ͥͅs̷͕̥ͭͨ́͘w͖̹̋̊ͨo͇̳͍͚̱͛ͥ̇ͩ̃͑ͪͮr̵̳͖̘̭̗ͬͨͣ̈̎̔ͭ̚̕͞d͙̻̯̓̊̊͑͛́͟?̷̢͖̆ͥͨͭ̈́͑ͨ̕


A and to move left and right

Space to jump

E to pick-up / drop

Tab to write


Developed by Dean Moynihan

Music by Leafcuts


This game is completely free - however running the databases does cost money.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

On that note, also check out my Patreon. You can still chuck a quid in and the money will only come out when I finish a game - not monthly.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(168 total ratings)
AuthorDean Moynihan
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Survival
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Exploration, Minimalist, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, rain, strand


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The Things We Lost In The Flood - Linux - v1.1.1.zip 35 MB
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The Things We Lost In The Flood v1.1.1.zip 30 MB

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(1 edit)

About where the windmills are, the game crashes.

I don't know why.

Would gladly appreciate if you could fix it somehow.

Oh and thanks for letting me throw bottles in the ocean in the first place. Apparently the police doesn't like it when you do it in real life. They say things like:

"Why is it always YOU and why always on MY lunch break!"

"I can see the uranium inside bottle, what do you think you're doing?"

(Don't throw bottles in the ocean, in case it wasn't obious)

Instead, use them for making cool sculptures or something.

What a game.


DAMN. honestly, i could play this all night.. i LOVE everything about this game. i think the whole surviving on a boat after a flood destroyed the world concept is really cool and it's done really well here. i like the short backstory of the tap in the arctic.. i especially enjoy the message in a bottle writing mechanic where you can read what others have written and cast out into the flood as well as write your own thoughts to maybe be read by another player someday. i saw many different messages, from serious and emotional to funny and memey. i saw depressing notes and happy ones. i thought all of the writing prompts were great although maybe adding a few more wouldn't hurt. it was neat figuring out the games mechanics and building my boat up. great pixel art too. very deep and thought provoking experience for sure.

Would it be possible (without to much time and trouble) to update the mac build to run on an up to date os version? :) I can't get it running on Ventura 13.4.


Very interesting and thought provoking game.

(1 edit)

is it multiplayer??


Had an absolutely blast playing this. I understand the player base has dwindled, but if so, the game still did a great job of circulating older messages out to me so that it felt very vibrant and alive. I always felt like I might be just about to bump into another player's boat on the next screen. <3

(1 edit) (+2)

im the first one in 2023... i think

(1 edit) (+1)

im too late

im sad now :(


The final midnight has fallen


Good Stuff! Very interesting! I love the art style!!!


Incredible game, wish it had more players.


Wonderful concept, shame there aren't more people playing...


I find the game very good.
Its really good.


I downloaded your game after stumbling on a tweet by the creator of this gem, and I'd like to say that it was a very pleasant and thought-provoking experience that few games have been able to pull off.




does anybody else still plays this?


Kind of. A few messages still come in every couple of days.


god dam

Great game!


The game gets really hard once you get the motor and sails, because if you jump off to grab a box or whatever, the boat just speeds off. Can someone tell me how to stop the motor and how to end the game?


im confused, so do other actual players playing the game see my bottles, and i see their bottles?


its interesting how you can't go backwards in the game. like it's all about letting go of these feelings, by writing the notes for those bottles, and then moving forward. seeing everything that everyone else has written feels less lonely. i hold this game very dearly to me.


I love this graphic style!!


I'm pretty glad that I played this game before it went "dead." It seems like I'm receiving less bottles now. Unlike 2 years ago (I think) when I received more bottles. It was such a cool concept of a game - and I loved the messages. Definitely has a place in my heart.


I'm Mat, curator of the PLAY21 - Creative Gaming Festival and I'd love to exhibit your work. Can you get back to me via matthias.loewe@creative-gaming.eu or twitter /sp4c31nv4d3r?



This has to be an ARG! why isn't anyone talking about it! and if they are I can't find it


everything dont need to be an "ARG"


How's this been goin'?


love the visual style of this game, good job!


It's a sad day when a brother has to hang his magnum dong alone and in silence...


Great looking game, only problem is that I can't play it, since it's not 64-bit and I'm running it on Mac OSX Catalina, which has no support for 32-bit apps. Any chance of that being fixed anytime soon?


Please add a save button or somethin

Deleted 293 days ago

Update: no clue what i did but i tried to run it today and it opened just fine. excited to play again


Interesting concept, held back by superficial restrictions. It would be better not to suggest a topic to write about, and just let the player write about whatever without making him feel guilty by not doing what the dev wants from them. The water also kills to fast, and there shouldn't be a restrictions on when and where you can write something.


I'm pretty sure you can write wherever and whenever you want, if you mind the cooldown. And the suggested topic is just there if you don't know what to write about, I don't know what exactly you mean with 'making the player feel guilty by not doing what the dev wants from them'? You can just ignore it if you have something better in mind.


well this hit way too fucking hard for me

#75. I really enjoyed this, as lonely as it was. I'm glad I got to play it before midnight.

(1 edit) (+4)

This game is kinda sad, but it's beautiful, you're never truly alone.

Edit: I finished the game and was kinda surprised, I was kinda underwhelmed, but still pretty shocked.

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