NEW GAME VERSION - Bug Fixes - 19/06/2019


I've hopefully squared off a few of the more pressing game-breaky bugs. The details of which are below.

One major thing that you should be aware of, is the fact that from now-ish the build of the game you've been playing will no longer work. If you try load it up, you'll see this error:

You're having some connection issues, or this version of the game is out of date

Just head to the downloads bit on itch and the new builds will be available. Apologies for the ball-ache. This won't necessarily happen for every little update, but it will for some big things.

On that topic, you'll find a new build for Linux there too. This is pretty experimental, as I haven't tested it at all. If it doesn't work, please give me a shout and I can poke around.

Issues fixed:

  • Infinite Drone spawning
  • Radio now mute-able along with Sound FX
  • Getting stuck on the clothes pick up
  • Hatches should spawn slightly more regularly
  • Screen text truncation issues resolved
    • Might result in text overflow instead..
  • 16:9 resolution problems on Mac
  • Issues with carrying objects to new screens
  • Disks not resetting after death
  • Added some new swears for the filter

EDIT - New bug?

Anyone appear to having very long wait times in-between bottles spawning? I'm talking 5+ minutes?


The Things We Lost In The Flood 30 MB
Jun 19, 2019
The Things We Lost In The Flood - Mac - 34 MB
Jun 19, 2019
The Things We Lost In The Flood - Linux - 45 MB
Jun 19, 2019

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