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Maybe if instead of one single graveyard server, you had multiple graveyard servers and when one gets too full to function, the deaths would be added to the next graveyard server? A possible solution, unless the problem is hosting more servers

Hey, I played this game when it first got released and was hoping to revisit it but I don't remember seeing stats on the graves though, does anybody knew what those said?

that's sad, death toll so high its not playable?


Last year in March I did a review about this amazing game but never shared it.


I hope the dev can find a way to bring this back up

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I played this game 5 months ago. I played it then in memory of those that perhaps wouldn't get a red rose on their grave. To choose a person and grieve, then move on. I played every night for a week, and I stopped. I placed schoolwork and an editing job as a top priority. I thought I would replay it today to see if there were more players.

This game is no longer downloadable because the numbers are too high and the game will crash.

Covid-19 is not a joke. It is not a political opinion. It is not something to brush under the rug. 

Wash your hands.

I don't see the download link?

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I suppose the death were too high that the game can't handle it anymore, guess the dev took it down for now 



how do I download it? .--.


I am from Russia, and I am very surprised that something like this exists on the Internet. I hope the creator will fix the download, since the game * does not work

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Same for me, it keeps loading and nothing happens. I guess there are too many gravestones to load. An option would be to make it only load chunks of the map instead of loading all the map at once. (like in Minecraft).


i cant seem to be able to get past the loading screen


Apologies. The more people that die, the harder the game is going to be to run. It wasn't really optimized for hundred and thousands of graves.

If it gets to the point where none of us can run it anymore, I'll either refactor some things or just take the game down.


Gets stuck on loading for me


82.000 people died. This is not only a number. These are lives and loved ones. Every rose you see is a prayer from someone, anyone. Wishing and hoping things will get better.


I was thinking and reflexing about the game and i let it in background until i started hearing footsteps.

The gravedigger, at that moment i started crying, 3 more victims holy fucking shit.


please ;(   love for the whole family of each tomb in this game (from brazil S2)


everything will be fine soon S2


Nice game, it's a great experience. I highly recommend to download it and think about what is going on out there in the world. When you realize how many graves there are and each one represents a death by COVID-19, you realize the severity of the problem.

The grave digger burying a newly departed.


It is such a simple but sensational concept. It is a great initiative in this time of pandemic.


Walked around. Placed some roses. Hugely moving experience. Thank you.


 yeah, i liked the game

I considered doing the same...only glad there was no gravedigger there. That would have pushed me over.


The First One ;-; <3

Hello my friends,If your game still can't connect as same as me,please use your vpn connect to america and it's work.

Trouble connecting? Please make sure you're using the current available build of the game (v1.0).

my game crashed on the loading screen, I can still hear the sound of walking, but it stays on the loading screen, please help me

Hey man, Re-install the game and make sure u're using the current available build of the game (v1.0)

Have a good day. :)

delightful in a sad way


I've got a problem. I cant play, cuz the game stoped in the LOADING page.. ;-; Id love to play this, pls, help me.

me too

Deleted 3 years ago

For me, still not working ,_,


Okay, so the changes that were made have been reverted. I've put v1.0 back up for download.

still does not work 

Unable to connect.

It worked now, thanks!

It Worked! Tnx...

Sad and absolutely great idea! Nice work dude!

stay safe everyone!


Everything passes (Tudo passa)

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so cute <3

it was great


I made a video to popularise the topic. I am not too popular but It's all I can do. Greetings from Poland. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.


Stay strong people! <3 


I copy your idea, sorry <3

It's okay, copying doesn't really matter! What matters is that we spread love towards those people who've succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic <3

I love you dude/girl <3 Love is the cure, no matter what


Up the spawn rate for flowers a bit? I would like to lay more flowers for the victims. May they rest in peace.


hi, i really wanna play this but for some reason i keep getting an error when i try to open the application that just says it can't be opened at all. i already disabled gatekeeper, not sure what's wrong ): im on osx10.15


Hi, is there a chance to make it playable in Linux too?


hi! this game is absolutely amazing and as heartbreaking as it is inspiring.

i seem to have a problem with exiting the game once i open it,pressing esc didn't seem to work and i couldn't find a button to do so. i know this is probably me being a dummy but how do i exit it?


i really like this game concept. but you should put something we can comment about that someone grave. i really suggest it. and maybe you can put their name on it. i really want to give a comment to the victim... thank you so much for making this game! i heard lots of bell.. when i get in...

I think that's a great idea to be able to comment on people's graves.


roses ar red vilots arre blu my name is plablato and i luv u


make this for celphone please i don't have conputer

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