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THis game is a realy great experienc. Beautiful and poetic, you share a really nice experience with unknow players !


Just curious, is that something you saw on one of the billboards? Because I saw one that said RaXm4163... I wonder what they're for?

i got that one too, ozmo

I've got HzVyJy335 (as password), but I guess it is a part of a something big. So I guess we need try to collect them...

BWhPt211 here, and I put some floppy disks in a red door to turn it from 21 to 53.

Deleted 81 days ago

Ludophiles has a full playthrough of the game; if you get 100 parcels/discs then you can open the red door and it takes you to a platform with a computer. The password is used to extinguish all other life in your universe (every player has their own - the rain/bottles are interdimensional)


Thank you, a delightful experience.

After reading some of the messages, it makes me kind of want to hug the person on the other end of the bottle.


Beautiful work, thanks for the experience


A lovely experience, altough somber.

Let us hope the flood ends.




just an A/D movement system on the boat, or alternating two keys, or just holding space, for paddling would be way more comfortable than holding down and pressing space. You're also doing that for most of the game so it would be nice if the movement was easier.


I enjoyed it while it lasted. 

- Pebble


Brilliant little game! Honestly surprised I didn't come across many memes in bottles....

i love it and you

Loved the bottle system

Thank you for making this.


I found this game really inspiring, thank you for the expirience. I love the bottle measseges, I wish they were found with more frequency, becouse I found like 3 in the first 4 scenes and then I had to feel alone for the rest of the game :,( But really awesome idea, I also love the art style. keep up the good work!

Deleted 1 year ago

most likely esc i do believe. thats the case with most games! hoped this helps <3



Such a nice game.


Could have used a reminder to press E to pick up bottles. I know it told me how to press E to pick up my boat, but I forgot the key pretty fast

I was the 6th and now it feel lonely, but i'm happy to made it.


Explore newly formed oceans with nothing but the lost notes of fellow travellers to keep you company...

A quiet explorative experience by 'Awkward Silence Games; 'The Things We Lost in the Flood' mixes an unsettling tranquility and mesmerising ambient soundtrack with a quirky multiplayer mechanic to amplify the feeling of loneliness that you experience.

The pinnacle of this game for me was the feeling of seeing a bottle float from offscreen as it gently bobs along towards you with the rain falling down. With no-one around I desperately paddled towards it for a morsel of human interaction. An interaction that you can share back into the world. Or destroy forever.

That feeling of hope and hopelessness is expertly delivered; and is not a feeling I will quickly forget.



Amazing, emotional and atmospheric ! 


This is really good. I wish that I could donate.


When you click "Download Now" button it will ask you to donate, so you can :)


Oh, I meant that I wish that I had cash to donate. I didn't know that though. Thanks.

Oh, my bad.

It's all good.

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