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Finnaly i found this game :

yikerinos i have not heard about this game in a very long time

Years later, it's still worth thinking about

Ditto on possibly an upgraded version. Sounds really interesting. :)


How do I run this without flash?

Try BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

Nostalgic. :P


If you just let me work on the second day i would've saved few people. Why did you Prevented this to happen?? Who hurt you??? 🙃 


how do i restart, saw jacksepticeye was able to do it a long time ago was wondering if anyone else knew how

just reset your cookie


CoOkIeS yUm YuM

okay but how

this game is awesom


Yeah, pretty awesome. Though, I wasn't able to save anyone...


I first played ONE CHANCE 2-3 years ago, but it seems that the version I tried had a bug which prevented the best possible outcome.

However, in this version, undertaking the exact same course of actions does lead to what seems to be the best possible outcome (of having at least 2 humans surviving beyond 6 days).

Another bug common to both versions is how the child may sometimes appear twice in the same scene, as if she suddenly has an identical twin.

By the way, the version hosted at your game website does not seem to work. It merely launches with a blank white screen, with music playing in the background.


I like turtles

same xD