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Лучше бы Ирак так поддерживали пендосы тупые который сами же и бомбили


I'm gardener #4849!  I planted mine in the back left corner of the greenhouse.  :)

Long live Ukraine!  I hope this terrible war ends soon.

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Gardener here, lets stay on the grind

thank you for this experience. I was wondering, where are the almost 5 thousand flowers? Are filled servers inaccessible?

I couldn't find anything about it when wandering about

Once the flower has grown completely, it's chopped down and a new one is planted in it's place. So 5k have been planted and grown only in the small handful of beds you can see.


Gardener 4606 here. I love this game and I hope that this war is won soon. Stand With Ukraine!


Я хоть и русский(только местом рождения и жительства), но я всё равно остаюсь нейтральным. Довольно интересный и хороший проект. Можно отвлечься от всех проблем(не только связанных с ситуацией), наблюдая за цветами и слушая музыку. Рекомендую зайти хотя бы один раз.


how can you be neutral? I don't understand, I thought this was a very clear-cut conflict, either you are for it, or you are against it (and both can be active or silent)


Hi! I'm currently working at my job to program our upcoming annual Interactive festival and would love to discuss featuring this project, I sent you an email last week I don't know if you got it but please let me know!

Apologies! I seldom check my gamedev email these days. I'll remember my password and respond!

09/06/2022 11:06 PM PST

Long live Ukraine!


Слава Україні!


прикольно сделанна


create a game to palastin


gardener 3967/3968/3969 here, i hope ukraine survives this war



Слава Україні!

Stay determined Ukraine!

cool :)

i thought this was a memorial but dang, its literally a garden outside of kyviv


Hi!  I'm working on curating an interactive art exhibition and would love to feature this.  I've emailed you, but I'm not sure there getting to you.  Let me know if you're interested, and if so how to contact you! <3


Apologies. A lot of the email to that inbox ends up hiding in spam. I'll respond shortly.

Thank you!! No worries.  I've also been having email trouble.


i played this game because my auntie who was unfortunately murdered by my asshole uncle loved sunflowers, 

sending love to all of those who are caught up in the Ukraine war


на мак при встановленні помилка


gardener 2842 here. my entire family lives half an hour's car ride from the ukrainian border. those of slavic descent are well acquainted with war, and it shows in the way the people try to help. we look at our streets and imagine them on fire, but we do not have to imagine. they look the same as those of ukraine. so do the apartments, the elderly, the shops. we gather poppies to replace their sunflowers. at least here i can grow them instead


this comment is so sweet! i hope you are doing okay and in safe hands now!!

can you please make this compatible with Chromebook? if possible


hi, im gardener number 2462, is everyone ok?


Please make this game for Linux!

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦


Hi everyone, I'm gardener number 2066. I just want it to be over soon... 🕊

На macOS не відкривається  :(

Привіт, в мене була теж така проблема. Спробуй скачати через лаунчер


Хочу сказать огромное спасибо разработчику и людям которые пишут на столько приятные для украинцев коментарии как внизу!

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gardener 1996 here, (I think?) Hello.


gardener 1960 here

i have hope for all of you in ukraine

this inspired me to donate and i hope you all do the same if you can


Hello, I am gardener 1890! I hope my Ukrainian friends will be alright. Friends, Please stay Strong and shine like a Sunflower! And thank you for the game too!


i dont really know what number i am but i remember seeing  1707 somewhere, i hope people in ukraine are doing fine, this game you made is really sweet and caring! <3

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I just wanna say when Ukraine wins lets just keep the game its a nice vibe and im finna say lets get mr beast onto this sh!  and say for evrey flower planted there gonna be a floewr planted in ukraine


Not if but when


i am not a gardener but i am Ukrainian, and i am so thankful for all of the peoples support for my country.

gardener 1531 here this is so sweet

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gardener 1444 here <3 just wanna say this is a super sweet game im defiantly gonna donate some more money to ukraine (wish i could give them a bunch of weapons tho lol) but i really think theyll win !! i have some family members that where in ukraine but their safe now. ty for such a nice game <33 !!! 


My heart broke at the sadness and tragedy of war and how much suffering there has been and will be until hope arises and ends this madness.  But there is a glimmer of joy in seeing a sunflower bloom and my heart and prayers are with the people of Ukraine.  You created a special and endearing game in support of Ukraine.  God save them and their beautiful country.  <3 

i was gardener 1434. i wish i could do more. i worked on a short film to promote awareness of this war.

i'm gardener 1374 my heart goes out to all of you, sending prayers and i hope the people affected are safe. ^^

was gardener 1340 thoughts and prayers arent much but they are all i can give to the brave ukranians 

was gardener 1333 :) a very sweet idea, much love to Ukraine!!

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